Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Once You've Seen the Light of Christ, Your Darkness Will Never Be the Same

I don't always jump out of bed skipping my way to mass.. today I dragged myself, especially the 7AM mass. I'm always so glad I do though. Today is the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, when Joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to present him to God. Fr Adam and Fr Dan did an intimate procession of the Blessing of the candles used in worship. Each one of us at chapel this morning received a candle and the flame went from one worshiper to the next. Being almost the last one lit I was amazed at the amount of new light in the chapel, just by each one of us holding a votive candle. It was such a beautiful sight it moved me to tears. Each one of us, being that light of God in the world. Sometimes we may not feel the difference we make in the world, but seeing the power in the community was awesome! Fr. Adam shared in his homily that we are so very blessed to not have to wait on the presence of Christ, like Simeon did. He is in our midst, always there, arms open to us, piercing the darkness.

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