Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Special Visitor on a Special Day

     Today marks 5 years since my dear sister Connie's passing. I knew it was coming, but I actually did not even realize it this morning until I checked in on Facebook and saw my beautiful nieces post. Today was the day. I thought about her for a few moments, but didn't have the luxury to fall apart at work. That is until Charlotte walked in. She actually texted this morning to see if I had any time so I squeezed her in my morning. Charlotte is one of my favorites, a devout woman of God, we always have great conversations. I thought to myself of all the clients I might see this day, I was glad it was Charlotte. She always has a kind word and an uplifting message. When she came in today though she was visibly upset, on the verge of tears. I knew her grandson had been sick with Leukemia and my heart sunk. What's wrong Char? I asked.  The tears were streaming now. "I knew I shouldn't have tried to come today, September 2nd is the date Barry and Julies plane went down." Swissair Flight 111 crashed shortly after takeoff with her precious son and daughter in law on board. The only items belonging to them that they recovered were their bibles. I hugged her and said "No you were supposed to come today, it's five years today since I lost my sister." We hugged some more and said a few prayerful words to each other and got on about the business of the day, fixing her hair. Charlotte had a lunch date with a friend suffering from cancer and her ministry called her, even in her darkest day, to carry on for the Lord. We chatted a bit more and she encouraged me to take my mom a rose and give her a hug. I'm so glad Charlotte came in today. There is healing in shared grief.

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