Saturday, July 5, 2014

Todays reflection Proverbs 17

    Lord help me to love at all times. To forgive others sins against me. To help me understand that trials are the fire that refine me and purify my heart. The fire that burns off the impure. Help me to be a true friend and to see people created in your image even if different, especially if different than myself. I know each one of us was crafted by your hand for our own unique purpose with our own unique gifts. Help me to not judge others as I do not know their struggles as they know not of mine. I want to be your student, to keep learning and growing in your light. To understand the greatest goals are those of self discovery and evolution. Wisdom, honesty, patience and love. The greatest goals of all. Make sure I align myself with the goals that matter, not the fleeting fantasies. Goals of a rich spirit, a truthful heart and a joyful soul. This is what I pray today, this is what I seek and continue to walk through fire for.

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