Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Todays reflection, Psalms 7-9

     Father God I thank you for your never ending love and mercy. To take myself a sinner, and to bless me and guide me, never giving up on me. I know I have your unending support. I know you are there for me, always, loving me, encouraging me with the people and events you put before me. God help me see these praises ever so slight and small so I can recognize your glory and your path you have so generously set out for me. Help me see your way the only way. I so want to know you better, to understand your word and to use your word to enrich your purpose for me and the way of your teachings. Help me remember to seek you not just now but throughout the day in the moments for real growth. I so give glory to your wisdom and support of my life as your servant. Help me maintain a servants heart to not always look for the good solely for me but the good of your kingdom. I truly want to be your light, a reflection of belief in a sometimes dark and lonely world. Help me seek others that are living in your word and more importantly those that have fallen away. Help me grow stronger through guiding others, enriching my faith and believing in your power and love.

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