Tuesday, March 18, 2014



   God has so been trying to speak to me, I have been too busy to listen until today. Sunday I was a lector at church. One of my sister Connie's friends said hello on the way out and congratulated me on the reading, and I shared the story of how I was asked to be a reader, on her birthday. She gave me such a warm smile and hug it was heaven sent. Monday I attended the 9 am mass at Holy Angels and the gospel was from Luke, about giving to receive and forgiving to be forgiven. Fr Dan encouraged us all to be open to God and his blessings like St Patrick was. At the end he sang an Irish blessing, one we sang at CYO camp so many moons ago that got me sniffling. Following mass at bible study one of the questions was who was your spiritual mentor. I shared my sister Connie had always been an example of Christ to me and just when I think I can talk about it without being overwhelmed, it overwhelms me. Which leads me to today. I had every intention of attending 7 am mass at Holy Angles but alas I am really not a morning person. I hit the snooze promising myself I would get up for the 9 am mass at St Joan of Arc. Wavering momentarily I pushed myself to get in the car and go. As luck would have it the presidor was Fr Adam, from Holy Angels, and it was the parish school mass with all the children. From the gospel of Matthew he asked the students what titles they had. I immediately thought sister. As the students went up to receive the Eucharist I watched them file out with their teachers and there it was, my aha moment. All I could think was Connie was doing the same thing, right then, in her wonderful, beautiful, perfect self guiding her students in heaven. What a wonderful blessing once I was open, and listening, to God speaking to me. Through life and family struggle, stay close to God and his healing grace.

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