Saturday, February 1, 2014

Come Clean

An amazing story from a friend

During my work at the Mission these past months I developed a friendship with a resident by the name of Mike.  Mike's story was very interesting. Embalmer, paralegal, military pilot.  I often wondered how Mike ended up at the Mission.  He only explained that he had issues with his ex wife, and also recent girlfriend.  That's the norm at the Mission. Everyone has a story.  I never pry, just ask in a cordial fashion. What ever they offer up is fine.

I wondered why the coordinator referred to Mike as the Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption) of the place.  Mike was very intelligent and quite engaging. He studied law at Ashland U. very well spoken, a great story teller.  I saw him every Thursday. Mike even offered to fly me to Flint  to pick up my daughter at school.  That I opted not to do, but considered it.  I spent some time with Mike these past weeks helping him build out a linked in profile, and encouraging him in a job pursuit  He was trying to land a job as a paralegal.  In a strange sort of way I developed a fondness for Mike.

There is a feature article in this weekend's newspaper.  Yesterday, Michael Pratt pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife in 1992.  Two previous convictions were overturned (which I did not know about)  The Lord finally got to Mike, as I prayed He would.  He came clean.  Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future.  We often encourage the residents to let it all go. Paying the debt.  God will forgive all, but of course, there are consequences.  I pray that God will forgive Mike for what he has done.  May his wife now rest in peace.

Whatever you may be holding on to, let it go.  Come clean.  God's blessings won't flow in your life until you do.

I found this such an amazing God-incident. So many forces working together, colliding in purpose. This is a real story that happened to a friend, in his words.
(names have been changed)

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