Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Get Jesus on board

     A dear friend shared with me that her brother committed suicide on Monday. My heart sunk. I know how it feels to lose a sibling due to God's hand, I couldn't even imagine the pain of losing one at their own. Of course one's first thoughts are, "I had no idea they were suffering", "If only". I begged my friend not to go there. We can never truly know the depths of an others struggle. I went to mass today with the intent of offering up the mass for her family. The gospel was right on God's timing. It was Mark 6 45 when Jesus walked on water. After Jesus fed the 5000 he told his disciples to get back in the boat and head across the lake to Bethsaida while he said his goodbyes and sent the crowd home. He went by himself to the hills to pray. Later in the evening he saw the boat with his disciples struggling against the waves. He headed across the water intending to pass by them but when they saw him walking on water they became hysterical thinking he was a ghost and cried out in terror. Jesus spoke to them and said "Don't be afraid. Take courage! I am here!" The moment he stepped in the boat the winds calmed and peace came over the lake. Fr Adam invited us to ask Jesus into our boat. Cry out for help from the Lord and invite him into your storm. Having faith doesn't prevent storms, it calms them. I know my friend is a woman of faith and my hope is that she ask Jesus into the boat, into their struggle, to bring the peace only the Lord can bring.

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