Monday, December 30, 2013

Where You Are

     While chatting with a client during her appointment she shared with me that her son had the opportunity to possibly work in Abu Dhabi. How exciting I answered, to be young and in your early twenties with no responsibilities and the world ahead of you. I shared a story with her about when I was his age I had gone to the Haute Couture Hair shows in Paris and met a hairdresser from London, Shumi, that wanted me to come to London and work for him. Wow I though, how cool would that be, to work at a hair salon in London? The owner of the salon where I worked at the time was also at the show, matter of fact he introduced us. When we got back to the states I commented that I would really like to pursue the opportunity. My boss asked me if I really thought that's what he wanted from me? I think he has a crush on you. Eww, this man was probably old enough to be my father. It did spook me though and I thought about the stories I would hear about the young models that get over to Europe and end up making little or no money with no way to get home. That was enough for me, I dropped the idea. Then a sister that lived in Cincinnati, a friend in Chicago, I was going to get out of this town, and as you can clearly see, I never did. My client shared a similar scenario. Her sister was travelling all over Paris and she was going to join her. Why didn't you I asked. Well, she hesitated, I stayed here and got married.

     Fast forward to same clients Holiday party when I am chatting with her husband. He shared a story about the "guys" at work and how they all say they have gorgeous wives. One of them said to him, man you really do have a gorgeous wife, you aren't lying. He went on to gush over her talent as an artist and chef and mother and declared he was the luckiest guy in the world. What a beautiful moment it was, to see she was supposed to be right here, as was I. We are all right where we are supposed to be.

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  1. well, I must say, you are both very lucky women! and have lead the lives you were meant to lead... and it lead you to meet and become friends! how cool is that?! xo