Monday, November 18, 2013

The Gift

So this morning, per usual, I contemplated sleeping in for a few more minutes or dragging myself out of bed to make it to 9am mass at Holy Angels. Having made the commitment to try and attend as many services as I could, time allowing, mass won over sleep. Rushing around to get there on time I just threw on a comfy outfit and a cute hat to hide my wild and crazy morning hair. On my ride I was reflecting on a conversation I had with my boyfriend Saturday night at dinner. He shared with me his commitment to share his talents with his church community. Everyone has a unique spiritual gift they are called to share, he said. Over the last few months that seems to have been a theme, from servitude Sunday, to recent readings this sharing of our own unique gift has been a running dialog. So on my drive this morning I was considering my gift. I have thought about being a reader, since I have the gift of gab. I am not an official member of Holy Angels although I attend regularly and have gone on several of their retreats and even volunteered at events. I don't know why, I just haven't made the official commitment, yet.

     So rushing into the chapel I was approached by a gentleman and asked if I would like to do the readings this morning. Considering I was one of the last ones heading in I thought it odd he hadn't secured anyone before me. I told him I wasn't really dressed for it but he assured me that was fine.
I sat up front with him and for the few minutes I had before mass actually started I prayed for courage and strength. I was a bit nervous but realized I was among friends, fellow worshipers who would hopefully not judge me too harshly if I messed up. When the time came for the reading I was filled with a strength, I guess the Holy Spirit, and quite calm. As I worked my way through the reading I'm quite sure I massacred a few biblical names and places...Oh well. I carried on to the psalms and completed my assignment. Phew.. my new friend smiled and said nice job :) After mass we formally introduced ourselves, and Lawrence thanked me once again for stepping in. I felt really good about being able to step in at the last minute to be a reader and am considering this as my gift. Especially if I have the reading ahead of time and get the correct pronunciations!

     When I got home I checked my email for a communication that I was expecting with no luck. I checked my spam folder, something I rarely do and there was an email from the International Star Registry encouraging me to share the star that I purchased for my sister November 18th 2007. That's when my God-Instance happened. I had not realized until this moment it was my sister's birthday today in heaven. There she was, aligning the universe again to continue to be a spiritual mentor to me. Wow... so thankful to be open to the power of her as my angel, still so much a part of my life.

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