Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks Giving


     This morning's reading I have heard many times before. It was so fitting to hear it on this day, this Thanksgiving day. Luke 17, the story of the 10 lepers that were healed with only one coming back to give thanks to Jesus for healing speaks volumes. Father Adam asked how can one be healed of something so wretched and not come back and give thanks? How is that even possible? However he also begged the question how much do we resemble these lepers? Honestly? How much do we take for granted in our own lives? I have to admit I have never known poverty or hunger. I was blessed in fortunate circumstance and many even have called me sheltered. But it is one thing to not be starving for food and another to be starving in faith. So much loss, and suffering befell me these past few years. When at times I felt so desperate I was not sure how I would go on. Through these dark times I held onto one thing that was always there. God's grace was always there for me. Funny thing about grace. Grace comes one day at a time, one hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. There is no extra grace that you can store away for a rainy day.  But every time I needed, it is always there, unconditionally, strengthening my faith, my belief that whatever earthly situations were placed in my life had a purpose. God also placed people in my life during these times that I could lean on and believe me I leaned. The circumstances I now know were there to help me understand, to move me, to stretch me, to help me evolve. To give me compassion towards others, compassion I lacked. So I could easily see how only one leper came back to give thanks. So much we are given is taken for granted. As I drove home from the Thanksgiving service today my gratitude welled up in me and overcame me to the point of tears. I am blessed, so very blessed with privileges so many will never know. And I know my heart must be grateful and giving all the rest of my days. Even when it's tough, even when I don't understand, I must love.

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